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12 October 2011

Preparation for my way to Melbourne

My bike pod - thats how I take the bike on the plane with me
At this stage on my Way to Melbourne (just 10 days to go until we set off from Adelaide) the focus starts to shift to another aspect of preparation - equipment.

For eight days and 1100kms I will be dependent on 2 small areas of rubber no larger than a square cm between me and the road surface, light wheels, a simple chain and cog drive train, which actually requires some fine tuning to be effective, a carbon frame, GPS navigation aide, and well - an engine. (The engine has been the focus of most of the preparations thus far - to get and stay fit, and frankly by now its too late if you've missed the grade!) To address the former - my Giant TCR Advanced1 bike enjoyed a comprehensive service last week, lubricants, spare tyres and tubes were purchased and after completing 250+km over this last weekend, three punctures aside, I am confident that my trusted steed is ready to embark on the road to Melbourne.

Two other aspects are worthy of mentioning:
  • on the road riders may, and are quite likely to encounter, temperatures ranging from less than 10 degrees to the high twenties or more; wind still conditions or breezes exceeding 30 knots -head on, cross wind, or hopefully a tail wind; rain or shine. The riders have to have appropriate clothing to cover all eventualities - gloves, sleeves, leggings, wind jacket, rain coat and thermals, all light and snug fitting so as not to cause unnecessary drag;
  • a 150km+ day's cycling may require in excess of 8000 calories - these need to be continually replaced - its not sufficient to fuel up before - riders must have fuel to consume on the road including: electrolyte drinks, energy bars and gels, dried fruit, lollies, bananas, nutella sandwiches, protein shakes (post ride fuel) among other personal favourites.
In short there are quite a few things to think about.

I must say that embarking on arranging these final items I am getting really excited, and looking forward to the ride. Please go to for more information and to domate to the worthy cause that we are supporting.

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