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09 February 2007

Summer nights

Having now been in Melbourne for over a year, I have a slightly better persepctive of the seasons, and the latter part of summer is tops. The evenings are still long (due to daylight saving, it does not get dark till just before 9pm), the temperatures are moderate and even the constant breeze tends to die down. Last weekend we went out for a walk with Piero, Jill and Luca, who are going back to South Africa for a visit soon. Walking from Southbank towards the Docklands presented us with some stunning views of the city.

We also starting to look out for potential properties in earnest as my current lease ends in May, and we may need to find another place to stay. It is good to have a better perspective of the city, being able to find ones way around, and also to have a better idea where one would like to stay, and potential invest in property. We are not restricting oursleves to looking in the city, but are also looking at surrounding suburbs. I must say though that after staying for a year within walking distance of work, clients and not to mention major attractions it is quite difficult to think of perhaps giving it up in favour of some sort of commute. There are many considerations though, and we will have to work through all of them to come to a satisfactory outcome (hopefully)!