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15 June 2007

Wintery Melbourne Scenes

After the warmest May in many years, the winter has finally arrived together with some welcome precipitation. Although Melbourne is still officially in a severe drought with level 3 water restrictions, recently some showers have brought welcome relief, even bringing generous coverings of snow for the first official skiing weekend of the season.
Despite the weather, Melbournians remain fanatical event attenders: On Friday night my footy team was playing the one that Pearl supports. We decided to go to the match, only to find out it was "standing room only" at the Testra Dome, which seats 50 000+. This on a foggy night, with temperatures below 10 degrees!

03 June 2007

Great Ocean Road

Pearl and I took Cobus and Nick from SystemicLogic in Johannesburg on a drive along the Great Ocean Road. On Sunday we stopped at the Ottway fly, to walk amongst the tall tree canopies.