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27 April 2008

ANZAC Day Weekend

A long weekend at last!

ANZAC day is celebrated on the 25th April every year. This year it coincided nicely with a Friday. Aussies turn out for memorial services from early in the morning, and the rest of the day is spent in marches, at footy and a barbie! We had a brunch in Brighton and took a leisurely drive down to the Mornington Peninsula and our favourite estate, Foxy's Hangout.

On Sunday we decided to head out to the mountain areas for a potential walk. I was hoping to get some nice pictures of the autumn colours before they all disappear. The night before a cold front blew in, and Melbourne was a bit wet. It was not that cold; I took my usual jog along the Yarra and the Burnley tower showed 9 degrees, not that much lower than last weekend. We headed out on our drive at about 8am.

Just before 11 we arrived at Mt Baw Baw, but rather than autumn, it looked more like mid winter!