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03 July 2008

Run Melbourne 2008

Yours truly ran the half marathon event again this year. I was disappointed with my time, which at 1:44 was about 4 minutes slower than a year ago. This is however additional motivation to get fitter and improve!

In the adjoining picture I am running past St Paul's cathedral opposite Federation Square on the second lap around the city and surrounding parks!

Queen's Birthday at Paynesville, VIC

Our outing over the Queen's Birthday weekend was to Paynesville and more specifically Raymond Island - a mere three minute ferry ride from Paynesville. [We took the ferry back to Paynesville for dinner in the evenings!]

The autumn weather was really fantastic. I went for an early morning run on both mornings and managed to see koalas, kangaroos and wallabies. Pearl and I saw the koalas on a walk around the island later as well. Raymond Island is highly regarded as a wildlife refuge, with parts of it only sparsely populated.

Lunch at Marysville earlier this year