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23 March 2007

All work and no play ...

Last Friday evening Jay, visiting us from South Africa, took us to dinner at a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant in Chapel Street in South Yarra.
As usual there was more than just good food, Pearl felt quite proud for catching a bowl thrown at her by the chef. It was great fun. We walked home along the river past the Birrarung Mar's angel statue, just before stopping off at the federation vaults for a couple of nightcaps.

Moomba parade

The second weekend in March is Moomba Water Festival time in Melbourne. The festival incorporates activities such as ski-jumping championships on the Yarra River, Chinese boat racing at Docklands and is concluded by means of the Moomba parade down Swanston Street on the Monday, which is Labour Day holiday in Victoria.

We chose our vantage point at the corner of Flinders Street, and watched the procession of floats and marchers each representing one of the many cosmopolitan groupings that live in Melbourne.

11 March 2007

Excentric deliveries

The foyer of our apartment block often witnesses the arrival of the strangest of deliveries. Pearl could not resist a recent arrival (at least to have a picture taken with it) - a 10 kilogram slab of chocolate!

Women in Wine at the MCC

One of the things Pearl and I did on arriving in Melbourne, was to put our names down for membership of the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) - we did not waste any time, as the waiting list is 15 years plus! In February though we got a preview of the hallowed "Long Room" located at the MCG, and the occasion was a "Women in Wine" seminar under the auspices of the women members of the MCC - who are very active members indeed! (This seminar was a follow up in a series, which included "Women in Cricket" and "Women in Australian Rules Football"!) Well the "Long Room" is perhaps not as hallowed as it once was - the members' pavilion was entirely rebuilt as part of the preparations for the Commonwealth Games of 2006, and the current long room is a brand new reproduction of its former self. However all the cricket memorabilia has found its way back to recreate the atmosphere - loaded with years and years of tradition.

The inaugural "Cocktail Party" was addressed by Anna Aldridge, 2003 Victorian Rural Woman of the Year and Winemaking/Marketing consultant of the Yarra Valley Network. Six wines were presented, all exquisitely accompanied by various canapes and finger platters:
- Yarrabank Sparkling* (accompanied tartare of yellowfin tuna on toast with lemon mayonnaise, baby capers, chives; and chicken mushroom and spinach pie with fruit relish and baby cress)
- Boato Craigo Sauvignon Blanc 2006* (with pancetta wrapped tiger prawn skewer with lime mayonnaise and pea, haloumi and mint fritter with whipped herbed fetta)
- Allinda Riesling 2006 (with mini pizza with three toppings and wine leaf wrapped barbecued lamb fillet on baby lavosh with tzatziki)
- Millers Dixons Creek Pinot Noir 2005 (with an antipasto platter)
- Seville Estate Shiraz 2003 or Hirsh Hill Cabernet Sauvignon 2004* (with a selection of cheese).
This very successful event was a further introduction for us to the Wines of Victoria. Those marked (*) above were especially appealing to us, and we have since ordered our own supply and would not hesitate to recommend these lesser known local wines to trained palates.