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23 October 2011

Headride Stage 2 to Robe

This morning we left Meningee under fog cover just after 7am. There was a slight delay because I flatted even before leaving the motel grounds! Anyway we were soon on our way, hoping to miss any early showers, the heat of the day and afternoon sea breezes during our 190km ride. The first 50km was great. Nice and cool, and not much wind. We stopped for the first morning tea at about 9. The spread was once again fantastic, thanks to the awesome support crew looking after us. The next stage was a tough 70 km. We stopped for a second morning tea, to get some fluids and fuel in. We had a nice tail wind for part of the way, but still most of us found it long. From that stop we had a 25km roll into Kingston for lunch. We obviously overshot the correct turn off, since we found that we had to backtrack a couple of km's to find the vans, serving up delish chicken wraps. (Rob promptly fell asleep afterwards, had to be woken to get going again). From Kingston it was the last 45km to Robe. The sea breeze had come up though and it was tough going. A number of us had a sprint towards the end. Brian and I tied first at the 60km mark into Robe; Billy kept me going all the way to the Best Western. The dip in the Southern Ocean after was exhilarating, as was the leg massage from Dr Tamara. Seven of us snuck off to the Caledonian pub, to watch the Rugby Union World Cup Final - what an exciting game! (8 - 7 to the ABs, but the French played a fantastic competitive game). And the pub came to the party with sea food platters which most described as the best they had - ever! The apple/rhubarb crumble was also not too shabby, and should help me to replenish the 13200 calories that I apparently expended on the way to Robe. We had covered 190km, at an ave speed of just over 30km/h. Another fantastic day. Tomorrows forecast has some wind and rain in it - we'll see what tomorrow serves up as we travel to Mount Gambier on ou Way to Melbourne.

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