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28 May 2011

Dear diary, ...

You have been recording our life in Melbourne for the last five years! There is nothing that I regret, and Melbourne you truly are an amazing place to experience, and if one is fortunat:e it is even better to be able to live there.

Life brings along fresh opportunities every so often, and recently I took one up which comes along with a relocation to Sydney. Sydney of course has it's own positives: it is very picturesque, cycling around it makes you hill-fit quite quickly, but it just doesn't well - have that style! We have been hunting around for produce markets - Melbourne, you gave us a choice of three within walking distance: no one can beat the Queen Victoria markets, if there is another such place, I've yet to come across it! Then there's Beach Road - a compatriot of mine on most weekday mornings when I "smashed" out at least 40km and tried to average >35kph. This morning, I rode to the office, hardly a sweat, <10km and <20 minutes: so I'm still looking for a route in Sydney where I can build up some speed to complement the hill work with.

We're already missing our walks along the Yarra to the footy on Friday nights, and of course the Melbourne Rebels' home ground - the Stockade! So much so, that we cannot resist the withdrawal symptoms, and are flying in for the Reblels contest with the Stormers (Pearl's team from South Afica) this coming Friday! C'mon Rebels! Give it one more go this season! Your time is coming - who would have believed even 2 years ago, that the Reds could be in danger of topping out the Super15 competition? With the quality of support, staff, facilities, players and culture, I don't think it will take as long as it took the Reds!

Anyway, we're doing our utmost to discover Sydney's beauty spots while we have the opportunity. This morning, after I came back from the ride we had coffee on Dover Heights, and then walked to South Head. The Harbour and Ocean views are spectacular, and to be recommended!

So diary, I will not neglect you! Allegiance with Melbourne is strong, even while I'll be posting from Harbour City for the next while. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"!

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