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08 December 2010

Tour of Bright

Thanks to the 6am-ers cycling team who invited me along to the Tour of Bright this year! I got to ride two legs of the Tour with them: it was tough, but somehow enjoyable.

Although the weather was forecast to be wet, after a deluge on Saturday morning it cleared up, and was really ideal for the tour. Saturday's stage left Bright in a northerly direction towards Ovens, then heading south-eastwards towards Mt Beauty, before a final climb to Tawonga Gap, althogether just over 90km. I battled a bit towards the end, and especially up the climb to Tawonga, but was glad to have made it in a time of just under 3h25 - or averaging 27.5km/h - which is about right for me on that type of terrain, and combarable to some of those racing. Stage map

I did not participate in the time trial on Saturday afternoon, instead trying to get some pics of the team.

I was apprehensive about Sunday's ride. Only about 54km, but about half of the distance would be a climb, in parts in excess of 10%, up to Mount Hotham (1861m) - the last time I was up there, it was to ski. However the first part of the ride was easy, and an excellent opportunity to warm up properly. I rode with John and Lorry to the beginning of the ascent, and then made my way slowly but steadily up. I did not stop, was overtaken by the race pelotons and many individuals, but made it to the top in about 2h50, or 19km/h - again not too  shabby I thought, given that I had not done much hill training this year. Stage map

Anyway, I have now been issued the challenge of entering the race properly next year  - from a number of quarters. That will mean some more concerted training, and therefore dedication. Thanks to "Fabio" for posting the above pic on my facebook page. There is nowhere to hide these days!


6amers Cycling Team said...
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6amers Cycling Team said...

Well done Martin on completing the stages. We were glad you could make the weekend and look forward to seeing our sponsor pin a number on next ToB.