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17 November 2006

Hustle and bustle

It is difficult to believe that it is already a week since I arrived back from South Africa and my most recent visit there. Melbourne however continues to offer up its own brand of interests. For a second year in a row I have managed to miss the Melbourne Cup, an annual horse racing event that brings Melbourne to a stop, literally for almost the whole week I am led to believe. It is scheduled for the first Tuesday in November, and that day is a public holiday throughout the state of Victoria. However it appears that the remaining days in the week are "almost" holidays as well, as the local inhabitants get swept along by the atmosphere.

Since my return, the Melbourne weather lived up to its name, by offering true winter conditions during Wednesday and Thursday, including snow in Ballarat (100 km west of Melbourne) and on the mountain peaks to the east. Today, Friday it is pleasantly warm again, and the temperatures are expected to rise to the high twenties by Sunday.

I am told reliably that this weekend Melbourne is hosting 25 major events, including the G20 summit of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors. The "Make Poverty History" concert which was specifically planned to coincide with the G20 has kicked off tonight, with a guest appearance by Bono, whose U2 band takes over the Telstra Dome tomorrow night and so it continues ...

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