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12 October 2006

Record Drought Conditions

The mild winter in Victoria has not given way to a mild summer. Actually it is officially still spring! Instead a record drought has been announced. Today mercury in Melbourne reached 36 degrees, and these conditions are expected to continue for at least a couple more days. There is also not much prospect of rain. And if Melbourne has it tough, some of the inland areas are copping it much worse, and some farmers are seriously considering selling up and leaving the land.

Comparatively, us city dwellers have only the slight inconvenience of sweating it out during a short walk between city offices, but the major impact will come in increased prices for fresh produce which will now have to be freighted in.

Being just a couple of weeks before state elections, the local pollys are out and about trying to outdo each other in announcing various relief schemes for these type of conditions, but as soon as the campaigning is over the implications are expected to bite hard.

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